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The Training Pathways

There are 3 pathways to choose from: 


NiN Rank Training, and 

NiN Skill Badges. ​

1) Ninjutsu- This is our "indoor/dojo style" training. Students can earn rank in our white to black belt ninjutsu curriculum. Click HERE to learn more about our Youth Ninjutsu curriculum. 

 2) NiN CurriculumThis is our outdoor/nature training. Earn rank following the NiN curriculum that samples skills from the 8 curriculum themes. Click HERE to learn more about our Youth NiN Curriculum. You can begin access to our rank curriculum with our NiN Basic Membership.

 Or if you are a youth leader you can access the rank curriculum, plus games, certificates, regalia and more with our  Ninstructor Membership.

3) NiN Skill BadgesStudents can focus on specific skills to earn NiN Badges. You can begin access to our NiN Skills Badges Curriculum with our click HERE.

Instructor Training 

If you are a youth leader you can get licensed as an instructor for teaching our curriculum. We call this our Ninstructor Training Program. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR NINSTRUCTOR TRAINING


Patches and Tenugui


Sample NiN Rank and Badge Patches

Students can earn patches as a part of completing skills of each rank and for special focus curriculum known as NiN Badges.

NiN Tenugui

Patches can be worn on ninja gi uniforms if they are training with our ninjutu program, or sewn to a special banner known as a tenugui. You can purchase a NiN Tenugui directly from our store HERE. 

To learn more about tenugui and their history, click HERE.

The Dojo in the Cloud 

We believe that you should have access to training anytime, anywhere. If you aren't training with a certified Ninstructor or Ninja Training Group leader, you can easily train and test remotely with our online training and testing program.

Virtual Testing

There are 3 steps to our Dojo in the Cloud testing/rank promotion:​​

  • 1) Obtain an annual Pathways Dojo Membership

  • 2) Register for online testing (we will send you links to files where you send us your training videos)

  • 3) When you are ready to test, upload videos and photos to us for review. 

When you pass we will send you certificates of completion and patches. Parents/guardians can easily guide youth through the curriculum with our NiN Basic membership. 

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