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Licensed NiN Centers

Organizations can apply to become a licensed NiN Center.  As a licensed NiN Center you would receive the following benefits:

  • Home Range An exclusive, non-competitive "home range" where only your group/organization would be licensed to run NiN curriculum related programs and events. This would be determined as part of your application/interview process.
  • Licensed Instructors only licensed under your organization. They would be allowed to operate within your home range (see instructor licensing below)
  • Training Discounts Access to discounted (group rate) online training modules for students in your program and online instructor training (discounts on all levels of instructor training, game and skills video vaults, and mind of the mentor training videos)
  • Trademark and Copyright Use Use of NiN Trademarked logos and copyrighted curriculum including logo graphic files for marketing, and customizing rank shirts and certificates with your organization's name/logo
  • Ninja Support Services Access to our East and West Coast North America instructor training staff

Licensed Instructors under your organization

  • Instructors trained/licensed under your organization would not be licensed to lead NiN programs within your home range if they left your organization. They could however be licensed outside of your organization home range after applying for an independent license with Pathways Dojo.
  • Instructors in your region licensed independently of your organization could not lead NiN programs within your home range unless with permission/contracting with your organization

How to become a licensed NiN Center

To become a licensed NiN Center, an organization needs to comple an application and licensing process with Pathways Dojo that includes:

  • Applying for a home range. An organization can temporarily hold a home range (for up to six months) while they complete the instructor training process. This is a simple online application process.
  • Train Instructors. Instructors must complete the Level 1 training course. Organizations are licensed based on the highest level of training completed by instructors (for example a Level 1 NiN Center, Level 2 NiN Center etc). Instructors renew their license annually through an online review process with Pathways Dojo. Organizations pay/enroll staff in the online instructor training.
  • Lead students through Curriculum. After completing online training, instructors lead a group of students through the level of curriculum they are trained for, and submit documentation to Pathways Dojo to complete their instructor license. This license is good for one year.
  • Pay student testing fees. When students enroll in the program, an organization/instructor submits student names to Pathways Dojo for a per/student testing fee. This small fee also covers e-certificates that students receive from Pathways and for Pathways to maintain a database of students by rank (private/internal use only). This small per student fee (negotiated as part of the application process) also covers discounts for student access to online training videos.

Additional Considerations/Requirements

  • To be approved as a NiN Center, an organization would need to have a process in place for instructor background checks as part of their hiring process. Depending on your location, there may be local, state, and other requirements needed.
  • An organization maintains its license as long as they have an instructor on staff with an active annual license. An organization maintains its level of license as high as the highest trained instructor. For example, if an organization's highest licensed instructor is a Level 3 instructor, then they would be considered a Level 3 NiN Center.
  • If an instructor's license lapses, they would have a 1 month grace period to continue teaching at that level until they renew their annual license. If they still have not renewed their license, they would no longer be licensed to teach that level of curriculum until they renew with Pathways Dojo.
  • Pathways Dojo reserves the right to revoke an individual or organization license at any time based on instances such as: continuing to operate without licensed staff, breach of dojo etiquette/conduct by staff, or delinquent payment for student testing or licensing. 

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