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NiN Rank Training

There are 6 ranks in the NiN program: NiN, Chi, Sui, Ka, Fū, and Kū. 

       NiN              Chi               Sui               Ka                 Fū                 Kū 

                          (Earth)       (Water)      (Fire)           (Wind)         (Void)


The Curriculum Themes

There are eight curriculum themes. Students complete skills from each of these themes. Each rank has requirements selected from each of these themes. The eight curriculum themes are:

Ninjutsuthe "art of the ninja". This is the martial curriculum with training elements from the youth white to black belt training of Pathways Dojo. 

 Survival- Skills that focus on natural shelter-making, fire, water (gathering and purification), and wild food (gathering, identification and processing).

Ancient Ninja Tools - Students hand-make a naturally made survival/martial arts defensive tool for each rank and learn survival and martial arts techniques/applications for each. They also learn safety in making these objects.

Invisibility- skills that create functional and energetic invisibility in nature through movement and stillness exercises, natural camouflage techniques, stealth/hiding practices, knowing one’s personal landscape geography, and bird language.

Energy- training that cultivates energy (aka chi), creates focus, develops rooting/grounding, and builds intuition through exercises that work with elements, animal forms, and meditation.

Zanshin- Inner and outer awareness training that hones sensory awareness, expand awareness of the natural landscape and animals moving therein, and track and sign identification.

Helper- Students become teachers and are of service to others. Skills include teaching others below their rank, first aid training, developing field first aid kits, creating herbal medicines, and knowledge and experience identifying hazards.

Notebook- Research and recording various elements of the 7 theme requirements listed above in a personal notebook. Students will record details such as edible and poisonous plant lists, focus species journal pages, japanese terminology, martial arts notes, maps, and reflections on exercises.

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