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NiN Tenugui

A tenugui (pronounced “ten-new-gwee”) is a decorative fabric that has been used in Japan for over 1200 years. It has a long history of being used in ceremony, art, martial arts, and practical uses. To learn more about the interesting history of the tenugui, click HERE

The NiN tenugui is the primary piece of regalia for students in the NiN training program. It is a visual roadmap for students that shows the 3 pathways: 1) the progression of the six ranks of the NiN program, 2) the NiN Badges, and 3) the Nunjutsu ranking progression.

As students complete each requirement for rank, badges, or ninjutsu, they receive a patch to be sewn to the tenugui. The tenugui may also be used as a functional bandana in the field for blindfolding, games, rank promotion and badge awarding ceremonies. When not in the field training, students can display at home, and hang them on tenugui hangers (available online, or even better, made by students). 

Students start with the blank NiN Tenugui that has the NiN and Pathways Dojo patches.


    As they progress in skills, students earn          patches 


You can order the NiN Tenugui HERE

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