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The Most Effective Tools for Activating Youth

One of the most highly trained authentic ninjas

on the planet shares his secret training techniques

that help youth reach their full human potential.

Dear guardian,

If you are reading this we are guessing that you are someone who has kids or works with youth and is truly invested in their future. 

But I want you to ask yourself one question: 

Are you someone who can commit to leading a youth through a journey, start to finish, knowing that it will dramatically change their life?

That’s who we are seeking. If so, please keep reading.

Over the years I have witnessed thousands of students begin the journey of martial arts training. This usually takes the form of becoming a white belt.  

On average, only 1 person in 100 will make it to black belt. 1 in 5000 will make it to 5th Dan (5th degree black belt). 1 in 20,000 to 15th Dan. 

Why? Why does this one person out of 100 make it to black belt while others don’t? Do they have some special “gift”?


They have one of 3 things:

- Will power or a strong desire to learn

- A well planned design (a.k.a. a good training routine), or

- A good teacher or mentor

Usually it’s a combination of all 3. Typically it is a good mentor that is the most critical of these three things. 

If you are this type of dedicated mentor, then perhaps you can lead the 1 in 100 to the end goal. 

My name is Mark Roemke. I am the founder and Sensei at Pathways Dojo. I’ve been training in martial arts for the majority of my life. I began my formal martial arts training at age 7.

In case we haven’t officially met yet, here’s a little more about me…

  • I hold a 15th Dan (black belt degree) in the art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (the art of the ninja)
  • I hold a liscense to teach from Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi
  • I have studied numerous other martial arts in my career including: Enshin Itto Ryu Battojutsu (the art of sword drawing and cutting), Kenpo Kung Fu, DeCuerdas Eskrima, Seibukan Jujutsu, and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
  • I began teaching adults martial arts when I was only a teenager and have been teaching youth most of my life
  • I co-created and lead the Ninjas in Nature Program 
  • I am an unreasonably happy person
  • Oh, and if the surf is up, you won’t find me on land

It’s likely that many of you may not have heard of me. Ninjas, after all, are content to keep a low profile. Those of you with an interest in martial arts, or ninjutsu in particular, may know me through my virtual training site, ninjatrainingtv.com and my youtube channel where I’ve shared hundreds of free videos. 

I’m an unreasonable advocate of sharing what I know with as many people as possible. 

Long story short: I’ve been working on a new project behind the scenes for several years now. We’ve put it into a virtual training platform for youth and created an online training membership. It's one of the most effective teaching programs I have ever led. I’m going to share with you some of the hidden ninja training secrets that we have been testing out in the forests when you take advantage of a subscription of our new youth membership-


We’ve been designing and testing this curriculum on adults and kids for several years and have watched the amazing results, especially in kids. 

Some of these training tools are ancient techniques, known and taught by only a few remaining individuals on this planet, that draw upon the arts of ninjutsu, nature survival skills and sensory awareness training.

We have developed a rather large bag of training tools and techniques in the process that we want to share. We built these skills into our 6 Rank NiN Training Course. Our challenge has been- which ones work best as a starting point for fully activating youth.

Our other challenge has been- how do we train the trainer, someone like yourself, to easily guide youth through this course, even if you have zero experience with martial arts or nature?

The good news is that we’ve figured it out.

We’ve taken this ancient knowledge and put it into a modern e-course in video format. We’ve broken the learning journey into individual step-by-step lessons that are easy for youth to learn.

We've also created virtual test at the end and designed a progressive ranking system complete with earned regalia. This last piece is key for motivating students and tracking their progress.

Here’s a sample of some of the techniques we reveal in this course:

  • Hand-making ancient ninja training tools
  • How to do ninja rolls, evasive moves, terminology, and defensive moves
  • Stealth movement and camouflage training
  • Survival shelter, knot-tying, and making a one-match-fire
  • Ancient qi gong energy gathering techniques
  • Cultivating energy through animal form movements
  • Grounding energy by anchoring to a central spot in nature
  • An ancient ninjutsu energy kata
  • Blindfolded sensory movement training
  • Listening awareness training
  • Local hazard awareness
  • Becoming a young mentor by teaching skills to others
  • Focused journal writing
  • And more…

This membership is designed for committed youth leaders, in particular:

  • Parents who are interested in connecting deeper with their children through nature and movement activities
  • Youth group leaders and instructors
  • Educators interested in curriculum for scholastic or after-school electives
  • Nature program instructors wishing to add new dynamic curriculum to their existing programs
  • Martial arts instructors interested in supplementing their curriculum with ninja skills, nature awareness, wilderness survival, and sensory awareness training

But first, I want to tell you a really important part of my backstory…as a kid, I was exposed to a lot of nature. Camping, hiking, swimming in lakes…I got a lot of it growing up. 

Fast forward to my training in the art of the ninja. The more I learned about this art, through training, reading, research, and conversations with the Grandmaster, I realized that there were a lot of skills of the ancient ninja that were no longer being taught.

Survival skills, invisibility and stealth, fire, sensory awareness of the natural world, knowing a landscape like the back of your hand, to mention a few…these were all skills of the ancient ninja that depended on connecting to nature. 

The last time I was in Japan with the Grandmaster, he reminded me that all ninjutsu came from observing nature. I realized that I had to return to nature myself to learn many of these “lost” skills. I have since sought teachers who knew these skills, and I have been training and immersing myself in nature whenever possible.

I learned that adults everywhere need these skills, but kids especially benefit from them. And, kids usually learn them faster. So I worked with my team to create this course.

The Level 1 NiN Rank course is a sampling of four introductory skills and the process of how we virtually test, certify, and give rank and regalia. It’s intended to “whet your ninja whistle”.

This second level:


is where we really dive deep into the training. 

I have to give you an important warning…

To lead youth through these skills means that you go through them to a certain degree as a guardian, parent, or instructor. You will walk down the pathway together with this course. It will change you, in a really good way.

We discovered an unforeseen outcome of this training-  that families, teachers, and leaders were connecting to their students on a whole new level by engaging in movement through the martial arts training and connecting to nature together. 

So there you go- some secret ninja information and observations.  Heres some more details about


With the Chi Rank Membership you get…

  • Access to 8 training modules with 28 total lessons for the entire rank. These lessons are primarily video training curricular format that you can access as many times, whenever, from wherever you are using your mobile device or home computer
  • Access to the virtual tests where we give students a list of skill requirements to complete. You document their skills via photos and videos and submit them to us for review and ultimate certification in a rank
  • Access to our online forum and member directory where you can ask our Pathways staff questions, connect with other members, start discussion topics, and search for archives of previous skills and discussion topics
  • Access to our games and skills video vault where we give you additional games and skill activities to supplement your training curriculum. 
  • Access to the previous Level 1 skills of the NiN Rank video curriculum

We are offering you all of these benefits for a 6 month membership in the Chi Rank youth training for only $49 for a 6 month membership. 

Think about it…when you add the NiN Rank skills to this, you are getting over 30 skills…

That’s less than $1 per skill

…plus all the other benefits listed above. For 6 months of training. 

We know from experience that you can transform the life of a young person with our training program. 

We are interested in training with people who are serious about training. We are also interested in leading people who are interested in leading.

If you are this kind of leader, the portal is just one click away…


With unreasonable gratitude, 


P.S. If you read at an average pace like myself, it probably took you about 6 minutes to read this page. 

Current research shows that the average time a kid gets outside in today's world for unstructured play or exploration is only 6 minutes per day. 

Think about it. That’s it. 

This is a huge challenge facing all of us as adults in charge of leading the next generation. 

But we have some tools that can change that.

When you see the next child deep into screen time or mobile device focus lock (look around, they are everywhere), think about this- what if instead they were watching these training videos.

All it takes is an adult like yourself willing to help make that change.

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