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Train Where You Want...


When You Want!

We offer the following memberships 

Level 1: Youth NiN Rank (One Month Trial Membership)- Only $1!!!

One month membership with access to skills videos and written curriculum.  Four rank skills taught with this level. We believe so strongly that these skills will transform and connect youth that they should be accessible to everyone. That's why we are more or less giving this Level 1 training away for only $1!

With the NiN Membership you receive:

  • Access to NiN skills videos and written curriculum
  • One year membership with access to virtual testing. 

Cost: $1 


Level 2: Youth Chi Rank (6 Month Membership)

This is our Level 2 Rank curriculum membership, with access to skills videos, written curriculum, and testing. Twenty-four skills grouped into 8 themes. Membership also includes 6 months access to NiN Rank skills and the NiN Forum where you can ask questions for Sensei, learn more tips and connect with the global ninja clan.

With a Chi Membership you receive:

  • Access to Chi skills videos (24 training videos) and written curriculum 
  • Access to NiN Rank videos and curriculum
  • Access to the NiN Forum
  • Access to the NiN Game and Skills video vault

Level 3: Youth Sui Rank (Coming to a stealth corner near you soon!)

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