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Greetings Ninja-Guardian!

Welcome to the Level 1 NiN Rank Portal

Level 1 NiN Rank youth training membership is the entry portal for all rank training. There are 6 levels of training in all with our NiN Program. Level 1 NiN Rank Training is the introduction to our training system. 

Check out what Sensei Mark Roemke has to say about it...

Here's how you get access to the NiN Rank curriculum for a ridiculous offer...

Level 1 for 1 for 1!


You get Level 1

For a one time trial period of only $1

(For 1 month)

Here is what you get with this membership:

  • Access to the Core-4 training videos required for the Level 1 Rank of NiN
  • Training videos cover: ninjustu, sensory awareness, invisibility, and a survival skill
  • Access to quizzes for each skill that test experience and knowledge
  • Access to the virtual NiN Test
  • Access certification by Pathways Dojo that includes: certificate, patch, an rank shirt
  • Tips for the youth leader for successfully guiding youth through the skills


But, we know that some of you want more than just a limited set of tools.

Some of you want to lead youth deeper along the path of skills.

If that's you, keep reading.

If not, that's awesome too. We are unreasonably happy that you want to try the NiN Rank Level 1. Here's how...


Ok, back to the deep divers...

If you want more, we have created the Youth Level 2 Chi Rank.

It has over four times the skills as the NiN Rank, 

and we will give you 6 months access to this training level plus access to the NiN Rank membership

If you want to learn more, ninja dive roll through this Chi portal below...

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